Fidget Spinners:

This set of rules is there to make sure pupils can continue to play happily with Fidget Spinners:


  • Pupils are allowed to bring them to school and they ARE NOT banned.
  • Pupils should make sure the spinners are named or marked in a way which will identify them as theirs.
  • Pupils must not leave them in the cloakroom but must put them in their drawer in class. If ANY pupils play with them in class, they will be taken from them for the rest of the day and be returned at home time.
  • Pupils can take them out at playtime. They must not be traded, swapped or sold.
  • Pupils must not take spinners which do not belong to them.
  • Pupils must understand if they bring them to school and they are lost or broken, we can’t replace them.


If pupils regularly break the code above, everyone will lose out because they will not be allowed to bring them to school.