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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

1 LC

Welcome to 1LC. Our teacher is Mrs Clare. In Year 1 our teaching assistants are Mrs Hornigold and Mrs King who work in both Year 1 classes.

Click here to see the latest photographs from our WOW day.

15 year 1 children went to Lynnsport to participate in an Active Sports Festival with other schools where the activities included – number running games, parachute games, skipping, problem solving and multi skills.

Well done to all the children that came, it was a brilliant morning! We look forward to next year. Click here to see the photographs.

At the bottom of this page, you will find an overview of the work we will be covering in spring 2018.


Last term, we all went to Lynn Sport in King’s Lynn where we all took part in running, throwing and jumping athletic activities on and around an actual 400m athletics track! Mrs Clare took us all on a proper warm-up, to get our bodies ready for the exercise. Then, we all split into our groups to run, jump and throw! Everyone tried hard and supported each other, especially in the 400m run where lots of children managed to keep running all the way round! It was a very hot day but all of us remembered our drinks bottles to keep hydrated through the morning. When we got back to school, we had an athletics presentation where we celebrated everyone’s achievements.

Well done to all the children, it was a fantastic morning! We look forward to next year. 

Click here to see all the photographs for Banham Zoo.

Please see the attached PE videos taken last term.

Spring 1

Our topic for this term is ‘The Jungle’ and where possible lessons will be themed to match the topic.

Literacy – We will be using the rhyming texts, ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and ‘Monkey Puzzle’.  The children will learn to find and use rhyming words and write poems.

Numeracy - We will start by looking at more than, less than and equal to.  Children will learn the maths symbols which show a number is more than, less than or equal to.

Science – This half term we will be learning about plants.  The children will learn how to plant and look after a seed and they will ask questions about what would happen to the seeds if they are kept in different places. There learning will feature ‘I wonder….’ questions.  They will also learn about deciduous and evergreen trees and their features.

PE – We are fortunate to be working with our PE specialist, Jayne Wassell, to learn dance this half term. 

ICT- We will continue to learn word processing skills with children typing sentences, changing font size and colour.

Music – We will continue to learn how to play different beats on percussion instruments.

History – In this subject we will be looking into the past initially focussing on immediate history; what children did yesterday, last week, last month etc.  We will then look at Charles Darwin and his work.

Geography – Children will find and name the continents of the world using an atlas.  They will also investigate different countries and look at hot and cold places around the world.

DT – Linked to our topic children will make animal sliders, using a jungle animal.

RE – Our RE focus is Hinduism.  Children will learn the story of ‘Ramu and Sita’.

Autumn Term

Autumn 2

Maths: This half term we will be learning to do addition and subtraction calculations.  Initially we will start by using a number line then we will move to Dienes and use Tens and ones. We will also be covering shape in the run up to Christmas.

Literacy: We will start this half term with the Fiction book ‘George and the Dragon’.  We start with a reading week where the children answer many different types if questions over the course of a week.  We will then move to writing where we will be working on using describing words.

Science: Our focus for this half term is seasons and the weather.  The children will be learning about the four seasons and which weather is typical for the seasons.  They will also keep a weather diary.

PE: We now move to inside PE lessons on Monday’s and Tuesday’s where we will be learning gymnastics.  Children will complete this in bare feet.

RE: Our religion is Christianity and we will be learning about the Christmas story.  We will read the text, answer questions and write about it.

ICT: Here we will be developing basic word processing skills and learning to use the keyboards to type words.  These words will link to our phonics in literacy.

Art: Using pastels we will create firework pictures and art work depicting the Great Fire of London.

History: We will be thinking about events linked to The Great Fire of London.

Music: We will be continuing our percussion lessons with Mr Judd. We will learn different rhythms and beats.

Autumn 1

To introduce our topic last half term, ‘Our Islands’, we had a wow day where we all came in to school wearing red, blue and white to represent the colours in the Union Jack flag! We made crowns to represent Queen Elizabeth being the head of all the 4 countries. Also, we looked and talked about the different flags that make up the Union Jack, including England, Scotland and Ireland.

In the afternoon, we wore our crowns and had a picnic trying foods from different countries, including shortbread from Scotland and scones from England! Click here to see the photographs.