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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

2 FC

 Welcome to 2 FC. Our teacher is Miss Charlton.

In Y2 this year we have two teaching assistants:  Mrs Spillard and Mrs Stocker. They share their time between both classes.

Click on the attachment at the bottom of the page for 2FC spring  2018 timetable.

2017 - 2018 curriculum and photographs:

Our topic for the summer term is ‘Walking with dinosaurs’. Please see below what we will be covering in each subject:

  • Art- We will be using paints, pastels and mark making techniques to create our own dinosaur skin pictures.
  • Computing- We will be programming Daisy the dinosaur to follow different sets of instructions using the iPads.
  • Science- We will be learning about what dinosaurs ate, what their teeth were like and where they lived.
  • Geography- We will be exploring the physical features of where dinosaurs lived and looking at maps of where they have been discovered.
  • History- We will be exploring reasons why dinosaurs became extinct and learning about Mary Anning and why she was significant.
  • Literacy- We will be using the story of ‘Harry and the dinosaurs go on holiday’ to create our own extended stories. We will then move onto creating information texts about dinosaurs.
  • Mathematics- We will be spending time consolidating skills already covered before moving onto time, measures and data handling.

As part of our topic ‘Under the Sea’ we went on a class trip to the Sea Life Centre in Hunstanton. We were fascinated with all the different animals and learning about their habitats along with different food chains.  Here you can see a photo from our fun filled day. Click here to see the rest. 

In D&T we have been designing and building our own wooden boats using wood cutting skills.  We took care to use the tools safely and also applied our maths skills to carefully measure each piece of wood. Click here to see more photographs.

In PE when it is raining or snowing we make sure we still get our exercise.  Here you can see us practising yoga in our classroom.  

We always enjoy celebrating World Book Day.  Here you can see us all dressed up as our favourite characters. 









We have been very busy in Class 2FC. So far this year we have enjoyed a variety of lessons linked to our topic, ‘The Enchanted Wood’.

In literacy we have been doing a lot of work based on the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.  Here you can see some examples of our story writing. 


We also took some time to write Harvest poems.  We did this in groups and challenged ourselves to think of adventurous adjectives and super similes. 






In P.E. we have practised two different dances.  One based on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and another based on The Three Little Pigs.  We worked very hard to bring gestures and facial expressions in with our dance movements. 






In RE we have being focusing on Islam and used the story of The Two Frogs as a key point for discussions and drama. 





In Science we have done a lot of work based on woodland habitats and life cycles.  We used different shaped pasta to create our own life cycle of a butterfly. 

  Our homework task was to create an image of model based on a fairy tale of our choice.  Here you can see some amazing examples of our work and we have enjoyed showing them off in our classroom. 



Our topic for the Autumn term is ‘The Enchanted Wood’ which will be based around a range of fairy tales.

 We will be covering the following:

  • In PE, we will be basing dance movements around the fairy tales Jack and the beanstalk and The three little pigs.
  • In Art, we will be using pencils and paint to recreate images of The Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.
  • In Geography, we will be creating our own maps of the local area.
  • In Science, we will be learning about habitats and food chains.
  • In ICT, we will be focusing on e-Safety.
  • In RE, we will be looking at an Islam story with a moral and using drama to role play what the story teaches us.
  • In Literacy, we will be learning the story of Little Red Riding Hood with a focus on writing a range of sentences including description and exclamation marks.
  • In Numeracy, we will be learning about place value; representing the value of numbers, comparing numbers and solving problems.