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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values where

we aspire, succeed and thrive





World Book Day

Everyone dressed up for World Book Day and looked amazing!  We brought in books to go with our characters, or found them in the school library, and Mrs Gascoyne read them to us throughout the day.  After morning playtime we walked to the mobile library van to change our library books.  During the day we also learnt a lot about the story of The Gruffalo.  Click here to see the photographs.


Open Afternoon

The children have been learning ‘Polar bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?’ and they were each given a different animal to research.  For homework they worked with mums and dads to design a mask for their animal.  We invited the parents in for the afternoon and they worked with the children to make their masks.  The children then wore their masks to perform the story for their parents.  Click here to see the the photographs.


We went on the minibus to visit Santa at Baytree Garden Centre.  When we got there we saw all the animals in Christmas Wonderland and had a ride on the train.  We saw Santa hand told him how good we have been.  Finally we fed carrots to the reindeer.  Click here to see the photographs.


We have been learning the story of The Little Red Hen so wanted to find out about how bread is made.  We walked to Mr Smith’s bakery in the village.  Once there, Mr Smith told about the ingredients he uses when making bread and showed us how it is mixed and kneaded.  We all had a piece of dough to knead and shape.  We brought our dough back to school to ‘prove’ and bake.   We thought our bread was delicious!  Click here to see the photographs.

17.10.18 - Conker competition

We learnt about the traditional game of conkers and how to play it.  We then had a go with a partner at playing conkers.  It was much harder to hit our partner’s conker than we thought it would be!  Click here to see the photographs.


We explored the school grounds looking for signs of autumn.  We took leaves back to class to do leaf rubbings.   Click here to see the photographs.


We worked hard to knead, shape and decorate the clay to make our hedgehog models.  We used broken twigs to represent the prickles. Click here to see the photographs.

No Pens Day – Wednesday 3rd October 2018

The whole school joined The Communication Trust’s ‘No Pen’s Day’ on Wednesday 3rd October.  The aim was to encourage children to learn all the same curriculum subjects yet develop their language and communication through talking about what they were learning, rather than writing, for a whole day.

In the SRB we did the following:

Maths – we went outside on a shape walk to see where we could find 3D shapes in the environment.  Click here to see the photographs.

Phonics – we played a range of sound sorting activities and blending games. Click here to see the photographs.

Science – we discussed the damage to the environment by plastic waste and the children had to predict if they thought different plastic bottles would float.  We used coloured cubes and dropped them in a bowl to show what we thought.  Most of us thought they would float.  We then experimented to see if the bottles did float.  We found that all the plastic bottles floated.  We stuck the cubes together to make a graph.  Click here to see the photographs.

Storytime – we talked about the ending to our story.  The children used yes/no cards to show their thoughts and compare their ideas.  For example: Did we think The Little Red Hen would let the other animals eat the bread or not? What would we do if our friends wouldn’t help us? Will the animals help The Little Red Hen another time?

Autumn 1

We join EYFS each week for a music lesson with Mr Judd.  We really enjoy this time and have been exploring the sounds made by a wide range of different instruments.  We have learnt that ‘piano’ means ‘quiet’ and ‘forte’ means ‘loud’.  We have learnt to clap a rhythm and listen carefully for our turn.  Finally we sing songs while Mr Judd plays his guitar.  Click here to see the photographs.