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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

BIG RE 2015-16


Autumn 1

Spring 1

Summer 1

Good or Bad – Who Decides?

Religious stories with the theme good & bad & explore religious beliefs, ways of living, values & commitment within the religion the story is from. Each class will focus on a story of choice.


I’d Like To Ask God…


The Bible – a treasury of stories and wisdom. Each class will have a chosen story and this will be related to present day. They will look for the wisdom in the story.


Who’s Footsteps Should I Follow?

Inspirational Leaders - What makes a leader? Whom do you admire and why? Who or what is inspiring to you? How does faith influence everyday life?


Autumn 2

Spring 2

Summer 2

If I could visit the past, I’d like to…


Christmas – The Nativity

Whose version of the Nativity story is most accurate? Look at versions of the story from different cultures and periods in time.

  • Matthew Chapters 1 & 2
  • Luke Chapters 1 & 2

If Jesus came back, I think he would…


Easter - Consider what gets crucified in today’s world, in light of learning about the death of Jesus.


And another think I would like to say…


Wise Words – to understand more about spiritual belief. Explore how religious writings can influence the way people live and behave. Links with tradition and moving on. Questions of value & commitment. Expressions of spirituality.