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Emergency Emergency


When we talked about police officers, the children thought all they did was arrest ‘baddies’ and throw them in jail!  We went to visit the Police Station in Terrington St John to see if this was true. 

We found out that police officers do lots of other things such as: use computers and do a lot of writing; help people and animals who are lost or hurt; talk to people on the telephone; ask questions and write down the answers. 

Police officers need a lot of special equipment such as torches, helmets, gloves and radios (which let them talk to each other).  Sometimes people leave fingerprints at a crime scene and the police have to find out who they belong to.

Finally the children had the chance to sit in a police car – they made the lights flash!

We all really enjoyed out visit. Click here to see the photographs.



Our topic at the moment is ‘Emergency! Emergency!’  We have been learning to dial ‘9, 9, 9’, say what the problem is and give our address.

We were very lucky this afternoon to be visited by Harley’s dad who is a firefighter!  He told us what firefighters do and what they wear, for example, why they need a helmet and torch.  We all tried on some of his uniform – it was very hot and heavy! 

We watched a DVD about ‘Freddy and Filbert’s Fire Plan’.  We talked a lot about what we should do if we smell smoke or see a fire.  We talked about the importance of fire plans and smoke detectors.  We practised ‘STOP! DROP! ROLL!’ to put out our clothes if they caught fire. 

Finally we had a story and learnt about Frances the firefly and why we must ‘never play with matches’!   Please click here to see the photographs.