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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values where

we aspire, succeed and thrive


What happens if my child is upset at the start of the day? 

We will work together with you to support your child. It is usual for some children to be upset at the start of the day to begin with, but we find that they soon settle. You are able to telephone the school office as many times as you like to ask about you child. Please be assured that we would telephone you if your child did not settle. 

How will school communicate with me? 

Once your child has started school you will be given log-in details for Marvellous Me. This is how school communicates letters and information with parents/carers.  Class teachers also use this to send regular messages about what we are doing in class and to celebrate your child's successes. It is essential you have this app installed on your phone and check it regularly. If you are unable to do this, you will need to check the school website regularly for letters. If you need any technical support with this, please contact the school office. 

Mrs Nell, Mrs Penfold and Miss Adams will be in the playground at the beginning and end of the day. If there are any issues they will keep in touch with you by Marvellous Me or by telephone. If you need to speak to them, see them in the playground at the start or end of the day or ring the office, and they will return your call at a convenient time later in the school day. 

What happens if my child has a toileting accident?

We try to encourage children to be as independent as they can be. Accident do happen and it is not a problem. If your child needs help we will support following our risk assessment. If your child needs continuing support with toileting, we will put a care plan in place for them. 

What happens if my child is ill? 

Please inform us if your child is ill, telephone the school office and leave a message. If your child is absent, and we do not know why we will contact you by telephone. 

Can my child bring their own snack? 

No, we provide snack for all children in EYFS. We encourage healthy eating at snack time and provide a selection of fruits daily and water or milk to drink. 

Can my child bring their own drink? 

We provide water and milk at snack time. Your child can bring a drink to have at lunchtime (no fizzy drinks). 

Do I need to provide lunch for my child?

All reception children are entitled to a universal free school meal. These are cooked on site in our school kitchen, the menu can be found on the website. If you prefer you can send your child with a packed lunch.

If nursery children are staying for lunch club they can have a school lunch, these will need to be paid for using sQuid. If not, you will need to provide them with a packed lunch. 

How do I know my child has eaten their lunch?

EYFS staff supervise and serve lunches and will have checked lunch boxes. Empty wrappers will be left in lunch boxes, so you can see what has been eaten. We encourage children to eat their sandwiches or savoury alternatives first and then eat other foods after this. We will let you know how your child is getting on with school lunches and if there are any problems. 

How will I know what my child is doing? 

Nursery children will bring home a home/school link up sheet at the end of their session. On here will be a photograph of something they have been doing that session and information about what we are learning to do that week. There is also more information on their weekly bookmark. 

Reception children will bring home their weekly bookmark and information related to our learning is shared on here. 

You will also be invited to make an appointment at our parent/carers consultation evenings in the autumn and spring terms with a written report at the end of the summer term. 

We will also share information via Marvellous Me.