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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values


For all information about the formation of our governing body members including membership of committees, please look at the tabs on the left and look at the terms of reference. This details their roles and responsibilities, when the committees were formed and when their terms of office come to an end.

Mrs Claire Whitehouse - Chair of Governors, Chair of Learning and Achievement Committee 

Mrs Whitehouse is responsible for making sure leaders are monitoring reading, writing, maths, science and language through Year 6 and throughout the school as part of the Learning and Achievement Committee. She checks the strengths and weaknesses identified by school leaders shown through the schools data. She carries out regular monitoring of actions the school has taken to address these weaknesses to ensure the school is challenged to provide the best possible education for all pupils. She is attached to the SHARE (English, History, RE) and PEDAGOGS (PE, Science, Geography, Modern Foreign languages) subject groups. She is the school's safeguarding governor.

Mrs Helen Garrett - Vice-chair of Governors and Chair of the Finance and General Purposes / Staff Performance and Development Committee 

Mrs Garrett is responsible for making sure leaders manage the allocated budget wisely to meet the needs of the school. She also serves as the school governor representative on the local cluster of schools SEN budgeting committee to make sure SEN funds are allocated and used appropriately. She attends all finance meetings with the Finance Support Officer from Norfolk County Council and reports back to committee governors. Helen also monitors the impact of SEN spending decisions by monitoring how well leaders meet the needs of pupils with SEN. This includes monitoring the effectiveness of the speech and language SRB which is funded by Norfolk County Council and East Coast Community Healthcare. Helen also holds leaders to account for the effective use of both pupil premium funding and sports premium funding.

Mrs Eliza Bennell - Vice Chair of the Learning and Achievement Committee 

Mrs Bennell is responsible for monitoring curriculum with a particular focus on Year 2 and science.

Mrs Lindsey Clare - Co-opted Governor 

Mrs Clare's key actions are reporting to Governors on sports premium across the school.

Miss Katie Adams - Staff Governor 

Miss Adams key actions are providing governors with information they need about standards across the curriculum and across the school, through liaising between staff and governors.

Mrs Julie Ward - Co-opted Governor 

Mrs Ward is responsible for monitoring SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) and gathering the views from the children (pupil voice). She then feeds this information back into the learning and achievement committee to make sure the emotional needs of the pupils are met as well as their spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs.

Mr Phil Kew - Co-opted Governor 

Mr Kew serves on the Finance and General Purposes / Staff Performance and Development Committee. He is a member of the PEDAGOGS subject group which holds leaders to account for outcomes in PE, science, geography and Modern Foreign Languages. Mr Kew also provides feedback to governors about the effectiveness of educational visits, particularly residential educational visits.

Mr Michael Little - Co-opted Governor 

Mr Little serves on the Finance and General Purposes / Staff Performance and Development Committee. He advises the governing body on building matters and health and safety matters. He is responsible for maintaining the health and safety check list for governors and following visits to school where he meets with the site officer, Mr Heaton, Mr Little then reports back to governors about the state of the building and levels of compliance. He also advises the governing body on remedial works which feed into the premises plan and where necessary, the accessibility plan.

Mrs Sue Kew - Staff Governor 

Mrs Kew is the school's Business Manager. She provides monthly budget reports to the Finance and General Purposes/Staff Performance and Development Committee. She also gives detailed breakdowns of each line within the budget and prepares benchmarking data so the committee can monitor its spending against similar schools. Mrs Kew also helps governors access any training modules and produces reports showing which training has taken place not only for governors but also members of staff.

Mr David Redding - Parent Governor 

Mr Redding is responsible for monitoring reading, writing, science and language through year 3 and 4.  His role is to ensure the school is challenged to ensure the best possible education for all pupils at the school.  As well as these responsibilities, Mr Redding provides advice and support to the school's leadership team in all areas relating to information technology.

Mr Martin Hodgson - Co-opted Governor 

Mr Hodgson serves on the Finance and General Purposes and Staff Performance and Development Committee. He has an expertise in finance and helps hold school leaders to account for the decisions about best use of the school budget. Mr Hodgson also links to Y1, in particular outcomes in maths and writing for Y1.

Dr. Ric Sandifer - Co-opted Governor 

Dr. Sandifer serves on the Finance and General Purposes and Staff Performance and Development Committee. He has particular expertise in data analysis and the natural environment.

Mrs Carrie Smith - Clerk to the Governing Body 


Ofsted February 2018 said:

Leaders carry out a rigorous programme of checks on the quality of teaching. As a result, support is precisely targeted towards meeting the needs of all pupils.

Leaders, staff and governors work with a clear focus to ensure that all safeguarding arrangements are highly effective.

Governors monitor this provision rigorously to ensure that the local authority funding is spent effectively.

The Governing Body submits reports each year explaining what has happened during the year. Following parent and carer feedback after the last report, the governors’ reports will be shorter and easier to understand.

Our governors use a document from the Department for Education called 'A Competency Framework for Governance'. This is to make sure our governors are as effective as possible. You can see this document below.

You will find photographs of the Governors in the Gallery section under "Photographs of Governors".

Governor Committees:

Please take a look at what each committee does in order to ensure the smooth and effective running of the school.: