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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

Holt Quotes 2018

Just what are the children saying about Holt Hall? 

Jessica T: It’s really exciting and action packed and as soon as you get through the door there’s things to do.

Heidi A; It’s amazing! Everyone can have a  lot of fun.

Kenzie: Holt Hall is really big and it’s so much fun.

Rose S: It’s really enjoyable so far. I love hanging out with my friends in the dorm.

Zoe B:  I love making new friends and being in the dorms and eating the lunch.

Daisy S: I love my room because it’s spacious and I like the place I’m sleeping. The fillings in the sandwiches were the best bit of lunch.

Taylor C: I really like it here. The best bit is spending time with everyone - all of us. 

George M: There is such delicious food here and the games room is amazing. Being outdoors is great.

Riley J:  There's a tuck shop so that's good and you get to explore and go out in the dark.

James M : You get to stay with your friends and you get your very own games room.

Isla B: It’s really good and the lunch is really delicious.

Faye B: The breakfast was so good. You have bacon sandwich, cereal, toast and fruit juice or milk.

Harry W: It gets you out and about. We cooked our own food today on a camp fire but making a fire with the flint and steel was really hard but we cooked our food.

Sorry we can't get a quote from everyone but there is so much to do, the children don't have much time to stand and chat and they're too keen to go and spend time together doing their activities.