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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

Information Events

Following the successful parent information events last term, we have booked several occasions to hold events during school and in the evenings during the autumn term.

Please look out for the dates which will be sent out with plenty of time for you to make plans to attend.


This event was held on Tuesday December 12th. 

Parents were introduced to the calculations policy which shows how every aspect of maths is taught from EYFS to Y6.

The policy includes a script to help parents say the correct things to their children. It also shows the equipment which can be used and suggests additional activities. The calculations policy can be found as an attachment at the bottom of this page. It can also be found by following this link:

Parents were introduced to other parts of the school website where demonstration videos can be found. This is available by following this link:

Parents were also introduced to the enriching activities we use as part of our daily lessons. These can be found at the following websites:

You asked the following questions:

Can we have maths homework?  Yes. We can only apologise and make sure this is consistent across all phases. The vast majority say maths homework is sent out regularly but this is not the consistency we want to see.

Is there a replacement for Mathletics? No, not yet. We had bought a replacement which was withdrawn before we could even use it. The search continues. Parents can buy Mathletics subscription for their own children but this may be more expensive. We will let you know when we discover a replacement. Please let us know if you hear of anything. 

Helpful Ideas for Parents to support Maths at home:

The following links can be found on cbeebies and provide ideas & short clips to watch to see how to support your child with maths at home.

10 ways to help your child with maths

Help your child be epic at maths