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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values where

we aspire, succeed and thrive


Well done for visiting, welcome to a world of learning. 

Choose your year group to start learning or visit the sites below.  You should have log in details for the relevant sites for your child's year group.  If you need a reminder, please contact us.

Doodle Maths

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Doodle Tables

Doodle English

Doodle Spell

Bug Club

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Read Theory

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Times Table Rock Stars

If you can, download the Doodle Maths & Doodle Tables App, Doodle English & Doodle Spell App and TT Rockstars App as the apps works better than the web apps linked above.  These are all available for free from your app store.

We are no longer providing Remote Learning Activities.  In all instances, learners should be in school if well enough and we are keen to encourage their attendance.  There is no obligation to carry out Covid 19 testing at present.  However, if you have tested your child, and they need to isolate for 3 days, but are well enough to continue learning please contact us for ways that you can support your child's learning at home.

Further information about how you can support your child at home is provided in the relevant year group tabs on the LHS.