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Terrington St Clement Community School

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We know how important it is to make maths fun, ‘real’, engaging and accessible so as to build a lifelong love of the subject and make sustained and rapid progress through the primary the phase.

The challenge of maths in EYFS is that first grasp of number and patterns and we use Numicon, amongst a wide range of other teaching resources, such as resources from White Rose and puzzles and games from nrich, to support each learner’s exploration in a fun, colourful and enquiry-based way. Numicon allows learners to enjoy hands-on, practical mathematics, to ask and answer questions and to problem-solve.

Our follow the vital steps: ‘follow, support, question, stimulate thinking’ by recognising the potential to develop deeper understanding from initial play, by questioning and supporting, observing and recording, using the play as a way into more teacher-led learning stemming from the child’s choices. This is very much focused on learners becoming confident with key mathematical skills such as counting, sorting, looking for patterns and using mathematical language. So that learners learn about numbers and develop mathematical understanding in an imaginative and enjoyable way much of the work is developed through stories, number rhymes and songs, games and practical activities.


You can find more information about Mathematics in the Starting School - EYFS page under the following side tab:

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