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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

National Poetry Day 2016

As part of their Literacy work linked to National Poetry Day, several children from years 3 and 4 were recently entered in a Young Writer’s ‘Poetry Emotions’ competition.  We are delighted to announce that 30 of these were selected as suitable for printing in a special anthology, ‘Poetry Emotions – East Anglia’.  A copy of this book will be sent to the British Library, amongst others, as a lasting record of their achievement.

Work was selected for publication based on perception, imagination, expression, creativity and use of language. 

We are very proud of the achievement of the following pupils:

Jake Alexander, Riley Allen, Charlie Barton, Seb Bennell, Daniel Bridges, Jack Bunting, Riley Butters, Jack Carter, Christina Cobb, Marianne Cole, Taylor Coe, Connie Duncan, Lola Evans, Millie Eveson, Sam Fry, Sophie Garrett, Grace Gee, Archie Girdlestone, Summer Hughes, Gethyn Hunter, Alfie Lee, Jessica Norman, Evie Rye, Seth Rye, Betty Schwarz, Olivia Skittrell, Dani Snell, Angelica Taylor, James Wilson, Egors Zaleskis.

For National Poetry Day the theme was LIGHT.  The children in the LIFT created a poem about ‘G for Gravity’.  First, we flew balloons and bubbles and discussed how they moved.  The children talked with their partners about what they saw, and then described it to the class. They worked in groups to suggest words for our poem, which they to each other on paper aeroplanes. Once everyone had thought of a word, we worked as a class to order them and make our poem.