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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values where

we aspire, succeed and thrive

Sharing of expertise

If you are a home school teacher and would like to know more about how literacy is taught in the SRB, take a look at the link on the left.

We are extremely fortunate to have Elklan trained support staff in the SRB

Elklan training enables staff to:

  • Liaise efficiently with the advisory support services
  • Share a common language which reduces the time needed to explain information and so improves efficiency
  • Understand why they are being asked to support a child in a specific way
  • Know how to modify their interactions with the children
  • Change the way they speak to children so they understand more of what is said
  • Use modelling to encourage talking
  • Understand the development of speech sounds and why children have problems, they are taught simple strategies to help the child.
  • Know how to support a child with interaction difficulties
  • Can manage some children themselves and know which need to be referred on for more assessment

Our Elklan staff provide targeted support to pupils on roll in our school who do not have places in the SRB. We meet with parents to discuss their child's needs and under the direction of Mrs Gascoyne, they provide short targeted sessions to work on speech and language delay and disorders. These sessions take place when the SRB children are in sessions which do not need focused language input, such as assemblies, snack time when children watch Newsround and non-core lessons where SRB children are working in groups with one Elklan assistant thus releasing the other member of the support staff.

Our SRB pupils attend their home schools every Friday to keep in touch with their friends and their classes. Our Elklan staff visit our SRB pupils in their home schools on a regular basis to provide support and advice to their teachers and support staff. Feedback from home schools is very positive about this support.

Mrs Gascoyne is our SRB teacher. She holds a diploma PGcert Language and communication Impairment in Children. She uses this specialist knowledge to make sure the needs of the pupils in our school and our SRB are met.