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Terrington St Clement Community School

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Starting School - EYFS

At Terrington St Clement Community School we believe that Early Years education is vitally important as it provides the foundation for future learning. We are committed to providing a stimulating and supportive learning environment to meet the needs of our youngest learners. Our Foundation Stage provision offers the necessary balance of ‘teacher-led’ input and ‘child-initiated’ learning to be ready for the next stage on their learning journey at school. We create a supportive, stimulating context in the school indoor and outdoor learning areas for children to play and engage in enquiry, discovery and reflection. We want our children to be confident in expressing their ideas, eager to learn, happy to make independent choices and keen to explore the world around them. 

It is really important to us that children are encouraged to think and talk about what they are learning and how they are developing, using the language of learning even at this young age. This is an early approach to 'meta cognition', enabling the children to begin to see themselves as learners and build on their love of learning. We know that children love learning, thrive on knowledge and like to bring what they discover at home into the classroom during our sessions.

Learning habits and routines are very important, and we teach pupils how to look after and enjoy the resources around them. We aim to make the learning relevant to children’s lives though our EYFS themes and lively, learning environment, and we place the pupils’ individual interests and choices at the heart of the classroom, so they feel unique, safe, secure and ready to explore.

It is important to remember that children learn at different rates and learning is not a race or competition. Our staff will always praise effort and will help children recognise that we learn from mistakes as 'mistakes are learning opportunities'. We encourage a 'I can do it/I can try' attitude and approach to our learning. 

Our topics can be quite fluid, however, it can change to reflect the children's interests as we go. You will find more information on the EYFS LEARNERS- EYFS pages. 

You will also find further information about EYFS located in the side tabs on this page. We hope you find this information useful and if you have any further questions now or later in the year, please do not hesitate to speak to us. 

Thank you,

Mrs Nell, Miss Riches, and Miss Adams     

EYFS teachers