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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

Subject Leadership

At Terrington St Clement we group our subjects together so groups of staff can work together. We find this is a really effective way to monitor teaching and learning in subjects and also raise standards by analysing our strengths and areas for development. Working in a group enables staff to share ideas in a way which is much more enjoyable and effective than working alone.

  • MUDICT is the group which leads maths, music, DT and ICT
  • PEDAGOGS is the group which leads PE, geography, modern foreign languages and science
  • SHARE is the group which leads history, art, RE and literacy

In addition to staff being members of a subject group, our governors are also members of one of the groups. The governor role on these groups is to learn about how the curriculum is covered and how well our pupils learn in each of the sujects. They also take part in discussions about the strengths and weaknesses within each area and contribuite to plans to address the weaknesses. Their role is also important as they take back vital information to the governing body. Governors who also serve on the Finance and General Purposes Committee/Staff Performance and Development Committee, take back information to their committee so they can make decisions both financial and staff performance. Governors who serve on the Learning and Achievement Committee, take back infornation about how the curriculum is taught and how pupils learn. They also inform the governing body about the outcomes in every subject.

This is a highly efficent and effective way of leading and managing teaching and learning.

Each subject group takes on an aspect of the SEAL curriculum. SEAL stands for Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. This can aslo be found in the tab for 'CURRICULUM'.