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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

The Twits

On Friday 25th September 2015 the school saw some strange and wonderful Dahlicious characters walk through the school gates. From the disgusting Mr and Mrs Twit to the extrordinary Willy Wonka, everyone made a fantastic effort to dress up and enjoy the activities planned for the day. 

The activities planned for the day encouraged the children to use their writing skills in creative ways by focusing on a particular part of the story. These were as follows:

  • EYFS, 1/2 RI & LIFT - Mr Twit’s Dirty Beard
    Activity - To create art work, showing Mr Twit’s Beard.
  • 1/2 KR & FC – The House, the Tree and the Monkey Cage
    Activity - To create a design for the Twits’ garden.
  • 3/4 CD – Mrs Twit
    Activity - To create a poem exploring individuals’ own characters and to identify ways to avoid becoming like Mrs Twit.
  • 3/4 HT – The Wormy Spaghetti
    Activity - To create Mrs Twit’s Trick Menu.
  • 3/4 GN – The Glass Eye & the Frog
    Activity - To create a new chapter for the story, in which Mr and Mrs Twit play a new trick on each other, using similar language devices.
  • 5WD & DC – The Furniture Goes Up
    Activity - To produce a piece of creative writing, written in the first person from the point of view of a bird.
  • 6JB & LD - The Twits Get the Shrinks
    Activity - To create a news report documenting the mysterious disappearance of Mr and Mrs Twit.

Take a look in the tabs to see some examples of what the children did.