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Terrington St Clement Community School

A traditional school with traditional values

Year 1 and 2

This year, KS1 has been split into three classes with mixed Y1/2 classes.

Our KS1 leader is Mrs Rose who is currently on maternity leave. Miss Charlton is the lead for moderation throughout the school from Y1 to Y6 and she also teaches in Y1/2.

In Key Stage 1 we use a lot of key vocabulary when teaching. The children are introduced to this at an early age and it is maintained throughout when moving into KS2. If you want to support your child further at home the link below provides a fantastic glossary, explaining all the key terminology we use in literacy.

In mixed year groups, a lot of the National Curriculum overlaps. We use this to make sure individual pupil needs are met. This can mean a few of our Y2 children accessing work from Y1 or even Y3 if necessary. Equally a few of our Y1 children may need to still work on EYFS work or even Y2 depending on the ability of the children our teachers are planning for.